Mynds Workshop

Learning and R&D in focus. In order to provide the most advanced solutions, up-to-date expertise is essential. Our deep learning experts, developers, and business developers collectively build our knowledge base to solve business problems, expand human capabilities, and replace tasks that can be automated with the help of artificial intelligence.

Our team continuously monitors innovations in the research and business sphere. The essence of our operational model is to precisely determine the strengths, weaknesses, integration points, and problem-solving capabilities of individual AI solutions.

Our Products


During our research and development efforts, we have created our own AI integration toolkit. This component and framework allows us to quickly and efficiently find solutions to the biggest challenges.

Thanks to its modular structure, the toolkit provides a high level of flexibility for future developments. The individual components can be easily replaced or updated, as needed, with the latest cutting-edge technologies.


AI agents are artificial intelligence-based systems or programs that possess autonomy, meaning they are capable of making independent decisions based on a predefined framework or learning knowledge.

Our strength lies in designing and developing AI agents tailored for specific tasks capable of coordinated operation. Just as human strength lies in collaboration, these small AI minds (mynds) are also capable of solving complex problems through effective task sharing.


Myndy is an innovative chat and voicebot designed to meet modern communication needs. She is capable of both text and voice-based interactions, allowing users to access her services in the most convenient way for them. One of her greatest advantages is her versatility: she provide help various fields and sectors, whether it’s customer service tasks, education, healthcare, e-commerce, or even entertainment.

Our Expertise