Generative AI as the New Wave

The generative AI has now progressed beyond simply learning from data, making decisions, and streamlining workflows. It’s now capable of creating entirely new things.

Many companies have already embraced the power of this technology, which opens up new opportunities in content creation, solving complex problems, and modernizing interactions with customers and employees alike.

What makes generative AI innovative compared to previous methods?


Generative AI-based chatbots and voicebots communicate in writing and verbally, just like humans. They provide quick and accurate responses to various target groups, whether they are customers, colleagues, patients, or prospects. We’re capable of developing AI software tailored for specific tasks, offering efficient solutions to complex problems.


With generative AI it’s significantly easier to summarize complex documents, long reports, or even entire books and extract their essential content. This process can be automated, resulting in significant time savings. It’s capable of structural analysis of text, identifying important information, and organizing it into short, concise summaries. AI-based summarization tools can be particularly useful in scientific research, news reporting, or business reporting, where rapid and efficient information processing is crucial.


In document management, it can revolutionize file organization, categorization, and search. AI can learn from the structure and content of documents, allowing users to search for desired information in natural language. Additionally, it can automate the generation of document metadata, tagging content with relevant labels, or even identifying and protecting sensitive information. This makes document management processes more efficient, faster, and more secure.


GAI solutions can support developers throughout the coding process, providing suggestions for lines of code, fixing errors, and generating code automatically. These intelligent code editors and coding assistants understand the syntax and semantics of programming languages, as well as the context of projects. They can help developers write more efficient algorithms, quickly discover and fix errors, and improve code quality. AI-supported coding can result in significant time savings and productivity gains in all stages of software development.


Generative AI is capable of creating original, human-personalized creative content, whether it’s text, images, music, or video. This can include automated generation of marketing materials such as ad copy, blog posts, product descriptions, interactive content, or script writing. The creative support provided by AI can encourage creativity, allowing people to discover and implement new ideas. It enables companies to create high-quality, relevant, and personalized content more efficiently and cost-effectively.