The world changes, open your mind.

Artificial intelligence is not just a wave, but a harbinger of the next industrial revolution.

Are you letting it wash over you or are you going to surf to the top?

Our goal is to harness the power of AI to allow your business to keep up with the ever-changing market environment.

The power of lies in its independence.

We support the technology that best fits your unique needs.

Working closely with our clients and experts in the field, we combine cutting-edge technological innovation with deep strategic thinking to achieve the most optimal impact.

The hype around AI has been around for a while, but things are starting to change. It could enable billions of workers to do their jobs better, faster and more efficiently. This could be the AI shift we’ve all been anxiously waiting for. This is the next step in the evolution of software and the web, which will open many doors for entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to promote technological progress by applying the latest knowledge, tools and methods, sharing our innovations with a large community.

Our story began in a fast-food restaurant in downtown Budapest. The question came up about the ways the AI revolution will affect our everyday lives and how we can prepare for that.




Versatility is our advantage

The key to our work lies in combining different skills and perspectives. Designing and developing business AI solutions requires a diverse approach that combines business expertise and technological depth. Our teams possess the knowledge and flexibility to meet the needs of any organisation.

Focus on the goal, not the technology

Every problem has a solution, but not every solution fits every problem. We aim to achieve goals by finding the best solutions to do so. The most popular solution is rarely the best.

Every project is unique

We strive to find the best possible solution for each situation, taking into account speed, cost-effectiveness and available infrastructure.

Confidence and reliability

We pay particular attention to local and international regulations, therefore the AI solutions we recommend and implement are ethical and comply with legal requirements.

Work with the clients, not for them

Our job is to understand the way your business thinks. We not only provide tools to our clients, we form partnerships to guide them through the journey. To bring truly beneficial change through AI, we equip colleagues with the skills required to operate sustainably and thrive in the long run.

Align AI with people

Reacting to sudden changes is difficult and this has be considered in the work environment. Technology can only enhance people if we coordinate their operations properly. For this to happen, the environment must have confidence in technology, to know its capabilities and successfully take advantage of the latest innovations.

Tomorrow’s technologies are the real perspective

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to solve our clients’ challenges by applying the latest research, tools and methods.

Impacts that create value

We focus on creating value in every project, be that the automation of existing functions or the introduction of new ones. By understanding our clients’ needs and problems, we strive to create the greatest added value in our collaboration. In doing so, we pinpoint the areas where we can best increase our customers’ competitiveness and business value in the long term.